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Aggregate All Your Bank Accounts into One


Categorise your Income and Expenses Automatically


Precisely Forecast Future Cash Flows

Make Informed Decisions

Take Advantage of Real-Time Financial Data for Daily Operations

Know This First

Forget Accounting &

Focus on Your Business

Businesses struggle to get timely financial data in a user-friendly way. Thus, real-time business decision-making is not based on a real-time business situation. Managing accounting is yet another obstacle that distracts entrepreneurs from doing business - it is a burden and produces no business insights real-time.

Not Just Another Accounting Automation Startup

We Don't Automate, We Eliminate

Frictionless, on-demand and instant is the baseline today. Moving into “faster than real-time” over the next 5 years with data as its currency. The era of data-driven value-added services is undeniably here and we have just begun scratching the surface. We are bringing legacy accounting to this era and making sure that all the accounting processes happen without decision-makers even having to lift a finger.

New Kind of Financial Management

Enabling (Finally!) Informed Decision-Making

While automating accounting is the essence of what we are doing, we bring unique value to the decision-makers by aggregating all business entities, bank accounts and providing automated finance categorisation and forecasting - all in one, easy-to-use live dashboard.

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The Difference

Experience true business performance increases

We Make it Simple.

It does not have to be difficult anymore. Our system is designed for seamless interactions with your business.

Connect your Bank Accounts

Connect all your bank accounts and all business entities to our secure system.

Track Your Financials in a Live Dashboard

Take advantage of user-friendly dashboard and easy representation of the financial situation all your business(es)

Spend Time on Your Actual Business Activities

Finally, the only thing you have to do is making business happen. Take a breath and go get new deals!

Let's Transform Your Financial Decision-Making

The team of experts are here to make sure you don't need to worry about accounting ever again.

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